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3 Dry Shampoos to Try (and Love)

I only discovered dry shampoo a view years ago. It became more of a necessity when I started straightening my hair on a daily basis and using hair products. I would notice my hair felt oily and gross the next day. After watching a few YouTube videos, I started to look for dry shampoo to see if that would help to: a) keep my hair looking healthy longer, and b) prevent me from having to wash my hair every day when I don't really have to.

Lush's No Drought

I think this was the first dry shampoo I every bought. Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I love Lush, so when I saw that they had a dry shampoo, I had to give it a try. Sad to say, I wasn't overly impressed with the product. First, I found that the actual product itself wasn't very practical. It's a powder substance, which makes it very messy to apply. I often found I had to go into the bathroom to use it so I wouldn't make a big mess in my room. Even when I did use it, I used it very sparingly so I didn't spill much on the floor. The only thing I really like about it was the smell; it is a yummy grapefruit smell which left me feeling fresh.


This is probably the most famous of the dry shampoo brands. I've tried different scents and types of this dry shampoo. It comes in various fragrances as well as specialized for different hair colours. There is a reason that this brand is so popular, it works! Another great thing besides the variety is the price. These bottles come in various sizes and are less than $10 even for the largest size! I often find these bottles at TJX brand stores such as Winners and Marshall's. If you're looking for a way to try this brand out, I would highly recommend it.

Tarte's Hair Goals Dry Shampoo

I bought this dry shampoo after one visit to Sephora. I'm always interested in finding new products to try and Tarte always has great products. After a few uses, I have found that I do like this dry shampoo. It has a good smell to it and does make my hair look healthy while taking away the greasy texture. My only grip about it is the cost, which is $25.

Are there any dry shampoos you recommend? Let me know!

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