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3 Easy Toilet Roll Crafts

I'm always looking for new ways to recycle and reuse everyday products. This week, I turned to toilet paper rolls, something I often find I collect without really knowing what crafts I can do. If you do the same, I have discovered 3 easy ways to recycle these bathroom staples.

Bird Feeder


  • Toilet Paper Roll

  • Peanut butter (and a knife to spread the PB)

  • Bird seeds

  • String or ribbon


Spread the peanut butter around the toilet paper roll. Thick enough that the seeds will stick, but not too thick that it will be too heavy for the string or ribbon to hold it.

Put the bird seed on a plate and roll the toilet paper roll on the plate to cover the roll with bird seed. If you have any spots that need to be covered, use a spoon or your hands to fill in the gaps.

Take a string or ribbon and loop it through the roll then tie the end.

Find a spot and hang up your feeder. Enjoy watching the birdies come by!

Chord Organizer


  • Toilet paper roll

  • Washi tape or fabric

  • Hot glue gun (if using fabric)

  • Label

  • Marker


After selecting your washi tape or fabric, start to wrap it around your toilet paper roll. If using the fabric, use the glue gun to secure the fabric to the toilet paper roll.

Once you have covered the roll, take your marker and write out the label.

Wrap up your cable and slide it into the roll. Now you have a nice and neat organization of chords!

Phone Holder


  • Toilet paper roll

  • Washi tape

  • Marker

  • Exacto knife

  • Push pins


Place your phone over the toilet paper roll and trace around the bottom. This will mark the hole where the phone will stand once the holder is done. Cut out the hole using a knife.

Place washi tape around the roll, even over the hole as it will be easy to tell where the hole is.

Use a cutting tool to cut the washi tape along the hole, you will be pushing the tape inside the roll.

Press the disconnected washi tape strip towards the inside and tape it to the toilet paper roll on the inside. Repeat on the other side.

Now pin a couple of push pins on both sides of the roll at both ends like feet. Make sure the distance between the pins is larger than your phone width so it doesn't get scratched.

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