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5 Book Series I Recommend

It is no secret how much I love to read. While I do love finding one-off books I can dive into, there's nothing that gets me happier as a bookworm than finding a new series to get obsessed with. There were a few series that I've read throughout my life which has sparked my reading obsession, and these are my absolute favourite ones.

Harry Potter

Naturally, I had to start with this series. It is no secret that Harry Potter shaped a generation. J.K. Rowling created a world that millions (myself included) wanted to be real. I proudly announce that I'm a Hufflepuff if anyone ever asks. Even if you've already seen the movies, you need to invest in reading the books. There is so much detail in the books not included in the movies, which is not uncommon in movies based on books. This series made me feel magical, inspired, and helped me feel okay about not feeling like I fit in.

Lord of the Rings

I actually was introduced to this series by my brother. He was reading the series when the first movie came out. Initially, I didn't even want to watch the movies, but after watching Fellowship of the Ring, I wanted to read the books. Admittedly, they didn't grab my attention right away. It wouldn't be until after I watched The Two Towers that I would start to zoom through all three books. To this day, one of the items at the top of my travel bucket list is to go to New Zealand and go through the LOTR tour. This series inspired me so much, between the various lands and creatures. After reading the series, I wanted to be an elf. They are immortal, beautiful, and absolutely badass warriors.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series

I was introduced to this series by a good friend of mine. I had heard of the series, but I had no idea what it was even about or if it was any good. The author, Stieg Larsson, passed away in 2001 after the books had been published in Swedish.

As I started reading the first books, I got completely sucked into the mystery element of the story. A warning to anyone who may want to read this series: there are a lot of trigger warning points in these books. A fourth book was published written by another author, and I have to admit, I wasn't that sucked in to the story. Truly, I do recommend this series, but perhaps just the original three as I feel like Larsson did tie up the story nicely and in a way that was satisfying to readers of the full series.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

This was my original binged series. I was so sucked into these books I often played them out in my head. The story line and characters sparked my interest. I connected to the Baudelaire children in various ways. Being curious, loving to read, being resilient, and being persistent. They motivated me to be stronger because they never gave up regardless of whatever situation they were thrown into. One of the highlights of my bookworm life was getting to meet Lemony Snicket, the author. Although he was pretending it wasn't him, I was able to get two books signed. A highlight from that evening was when he jokingly called me a "literary slut." It is a term of endearment I will hold onto forever.

Phillipa Gregory's Tudor Series

I truly never thought I would get into historical fiction. My first book of Gregory's was "The Other Boleyn Girl" and I could not put it down. I couldn't believe how easily I devoured the story and soon, I was obsessed. I found all of the books in the series and went crazy with the history of all the women involved. I've found history specials and listened to podcasts. I wanted to know how these women lead their lives, and what events lead up to their involvement in the Tudor history.

What book series have you found yourself entranced with? I'm always looking for new ones.

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