• Stefanie

Backyard Movie Party

Last night I had my 25th birthday party in my backyard. I'm fortunate that I live in a house with a gorgeous backyard - something quite rare in Toronto. My mom came up with the idea of a night under the stars watching movies. My brother recently received a projector as a gift from one of his friends and last week my family tested the idea using a white sheet as our screen.

Both sets of my grandparents attended along with my parents, brother and five of my good friends. When I say we went all out on food, I'm not exaggerating. We had candy, popcorn, pulled pork, hot dogs, poutine (a Canadian treat), ice cream, and well you get the gist. Our cotton candy machine wasn't cooperating, we didn't read the instructions properly so our bad. We'll try again soon. Enjoy the pictures of our adventure in the Courton Theatre.

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