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Affordable DIY Teacher Gift: Apple Print Tote

Between all the papers, assignments, and gear, teachers usually carry A LOT of stuff. Today's DIY teacher gift is an adorable Apple Print Tote that will cost under $15 to put together. Its a simple and quick project that you can make with the kids and customize to their teacher(s).


  • Canvas tote (Michael's for $12)

  • Two different tones of the same colour paint ($1 each)

  • Apple

  • Paintbrush for each colour (can buy multipacks for $3)

  • Styrofoam or plastic plate for paint

What to do:

Lay out your canvas tote flat on top of newspapers. Cut the apple in half and paint each half one of the different colours you've picked for the tote.

Using the apple like a stamp, press them down once painted onto the tote in a pattern of your choosing. Repeat until the bag is covered to your liking.

Optional: Use the leftover paint on the brush and the plate to fill in any gaps in the apple's print. You can leave them alone if you like as well, I find the rustic look is a great added touch.

Voila! Your teacher's apple print tote bag is done!

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