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DIY Teacher Gift: "Thanks for Quenching my Thirst for Knowledge" Cup with a Gift Card

Teachers (and most people, really) enjoy getting gift cards for restaurants. I think it's an adorable added acknowledgment when you can put that card in a reusable container. Not only is it a nice way to display the card, but the container could be used for drinks at the shop where you purchase the gift card. An added bonus is the containers are great towards the environment and many coffee shops give discounts when you purchase a drink and bring your own container.

Today's DIY Teacher Gift is one you can customize with colours of the cups, the paper inside and the gift card given to your child's teacher.


  • Reusable cup

  • "Thanks for Quenching my Thirst for Knowledge" tag

  • Gift card of choice

  • Tissue paper or decorative "grass"

What to do:

Print out as many of the TFQMTFK tags as you need for the teacher(s). Have your child write their name on the back (if they can).

Place the tissue paper and gift card inside of the container.

Tape the tag onto the straw or body of the container.

Optional: Include any nice treats inside or maybe a nice note to the teacher from your child. It is so wonderful to hear the impact the teacher had on your child right from them.

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