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Felt Christmas Bulb Garland & Ornaments

This year, I really wanted to find a way to connect and give to my loved ones as sadly, our normal traditions and plans have changed. Along with having a field day with baking lots of yummy things (recipes to come), I wanted to give a little gift. I found this darling idea for felt Christmas bulbs and made some of my own.

Another lovely part of this project is not only can you make individual bulbs as ornaments, but you can also connect them together to make a lovely garland decoration for yourself.


  • Felt in various colours for bulbs

  • Printed out image of Christmas bulb

  • White felt for ends

  • Stuffing

  • White thread

  • Ribbon, string, thread, or twine for stringing

  • Scissors

  • Optional spray glue and glitter


Find a black and white image of a bulb and print it out. I printed mine on cardstock as I found it easier to trace. Cut 2 lightbulbs from 1 of the coloured felt.

Stitch the 2 lightbulb pieces together leaving the bottom open.

Stuff a small amount of stuffing into the bulb and stitch up the rest of the bulb.

Cut small rectangles from the white felt. The measurement which I used was 5.5cmx3cm. This will be the bottom of your bulb. Fold the white rectangle in half and fold it over the top rectangle portion of the bulb. Stitch along the bottom-most edge over the bulb and both sides of the white top. If making the ornaments, string the bulbs.

If you want to give your bulbs a little more glitz and glam, spray the felt with the glue and sprinkle a light dusting of the glitter leaving it to dry.

Repeat this process with all your coloured felts to make a collection of bulbs.

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