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Final (and honest) ThinTea Review

It's been just over a month since I started drinking ThinTea. I wanted to try it out since seeing

the ads all over social media. I've been fairly curious about all the detox teas out there but had heard that most of them included laxatives. I love tea, and I did not want to deal with one that was just purely a laxative.

After reading a lot of reviews of ThinTea, and finding out that it is not made with laxatives, I decided to purchase the 28-day detox kit. This kit comes with a morning tea (to be taken with breakfast) and a night tea (to be taken just before dinner).

Full disclosure: I didn't alter my diet or strictly follow ThinTea's nutrition plan. They recommend following it closely in order to see maximum results.

Here is the breakdown of the pros and cons of ThinTea. Let's start with what I liked...


Started with what I liked about the teas, they taste good. I enjoyed the dinner time one better because it has peppermint. It was a nice relaxing tea to help settle me for the night.

Again, it is NOT a laxative. I seriously did not want to be spending all day on the toilet or feeling like I had to. This was just a tea to help my stomach without causing my bladder to feel hyperactive.

ThinTea ships worldwide for free. A lot of the time when I shop online, the shipping costs are what prevent me from purchasing an item, so when I found out this company ships anywhere for $0, it made purchasing it that much easier. It took about 2-3 weeks to get here (as they are based in Australia), but with the $0 cost, I didn't mind.

The tea has seemed to help with bloating and some of my cravings. I usually feel bloated throughout my day, even when I don't eat something that I know can trigger the bloated feeling. It has also lessened my cravings for things like sweets and bread (which have always been my largest weaknesses).


By the 14th day, drinking the tea felt a bit like a chore. I started getting annoyed remembering that I had to drink it twice a day. The flavour also started to go the more I drank it. After two weeks, I didn't really taste any tea anymore.

The tea is very– for a lack of a better word– thin. I purchased one of their strainers when I purchased my tea (they are pretty cute, I got a lot of comments about it), but I found for the most part, the loose leaf went through it and ended up in the water, rather than it just staying in the strainer and it creating my cup of tea. In general, I prefer using tea bags because they are less messy, and that is something I would actually suggest to the people of Thin Tea: create a teabag version of your teas.

As a result of the "thinness" of the tea, my last two batches of each were pretty well undrinkable. The tea was just powder and it went right through my strainer. This is pretty disappointing considering I've never had that issue with any of my other loose leaf teas.


Although I did see some changes in terms of my digestion, I don't think I will be purchasing the tea again. There is a tea from David's Tea call The Organic Skinny which I have found to ease my stomach pains just as much. I can purchase it in store whenever I choose and frankly, it has more flavour.

If you would like to learn more about ThinTea and all the teas they offer, visit them at their website https://www.thintea.com.au.

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