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Finishing with SmileDirect Club, in More Ways Than One

After 8 months, I have finished my treatment with SmileDirect Club. Overall, it was a decent experience. However, the end wasn't great, but I'll get into that later.

Today, I wanted to share what worked, what didn't, the results, and what's next.

What Worked

While it was an adjustment to brush my teeth so often, I got into the habit rather quickly. It was convenient to have my smile kit and it helped me to stay on track. It was also very convenient to have been sent all 16 of my aligner sets at once. That way, I wouldn't ever panic about missing my next set. Two weeks per aligner worked just fine; I just put a reminder on my phone when it was time to switch (although, SDC would send me reminder e-mails as well).

My Smile Kit.

The SDC team was also very receptive during my treatment to any questions or issues I encountered. Whether that was through social media (mostly Twitter) or their website directly.

What Didn't Work

In the end, sadly, I became quite frustrated in my attempts to get proper overnight retainers. After getting my initial one, it didn't fit. When I spoke with the SDC team, they advised me to cut it down myself to fit. Frankly, I didn't understand why that became my responsibility. After expressing this to SDC, they sent out another set which sadly, fit just as poorly. I couldn't even get the bottom set on my teeth. Once again, SDC advised me to fix them myself even though they didn't fit. Since I got them for free due to my aligners very late, I just decided to stop trying. Currently, I am using my last aligner set as my overnight set. When I have to get a new set, I will probably go to my dentist for help.

Results and What's Next

So let's start with a side-by-side of my teeth from January 2019 to August 2019.

Overall, my teeth are looking straighter, but I feel they could be better. I would have even been fine with longer treatment. Two of my bottom teeth, in particular, could be turned even more. I'm honestly not sure what to do about that. I may re-contact SDC and see what could happen. I do have quite a bit of my payment left to go. I'm currently paying monthly until sometime in 2021.

Regardless, next, I will be using the whitening kit that came with my aligners. I hope it will help my teeth become an extra few shades whiter.

Has anyone else gone through SmileDirect Club? What did you think?

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