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GenBeauty Toronto 2017

This weekend, I attended the GenBeauty conference in Toronto for the first time. I had heard about it randomly on Facebook and wanted to see what it was about. I was hesitant at first because of the $100 price tag (which was only that price because I had a promo code), but I was promised a glam bag worth at least $200 so I went for it.

Day 1

The best way to describe this day is one word: lines. I definitely spent a majority of my time waiting in line to get free product. Along with the glam bag, each of the booths had a free product to give out. Some just gave it out and crossed out your names, most asked that you sign up for their newsletter or post a picture and add their customized hashtag before handing out the goodies.

The one that I kinda regret going to is MAC. I love MAC products (their coverup saves me more times than I care to admit), but I was at their booth a total of an hour. Fifty minutes of which I spent waiting in a line. I did end up getting a lip gloss and matching lip liner (which value totalled about $50), but I was still expecting a bit more.

Among the free goodies I got at booths were more lip products, blush, skincare, and a highlighter palette. When I finally got home, completely exhausted I might add, I decided to finally go through my glam bag to see what items I got. Each booth gave some product in the glam bag in addition to the free product they gave out at their booths in the show. I did a quick lookup of the value of everything I got today, and it was over $400. That for sure made the price of the ticket worth it.

I will be going back tomorrow because I won something! Essence cosmetics had a contest involving Instagram and finding lips in their constellation wall. I managed to find them and post them on my story, and I got a message that I won. From what I saw today, it looks like I will be taking home a full bag of their product as well as a $50 gift card to Shoppers Drug Mart (score!). Thankfully, my mom volunteered to drive me back and wait so I could grab the bag, as well as make my way to Smashbox's booth as I didn't get a chance to today (and my mom loves Smashbox).

p.s. A discovery of the day: I really need my own light halo. Cause it gave me some great photos.

Day 2

This trip was mostly so I could pick up my Essence prize. When I tell you it was a full bag of makeup, I'm not exaggerating. There are so many goodies inside that I won't need to worry about purchasing makeup for a while! I also stopped by the Smashbox booth because the line was quite short (I got there right for 11am) and I even got my lips done by an artist. I call it my ruby red slippers look.

After sorting through all of the makeup I collected this weekend (samples, glam bag, and prize bag) I can easily say I took home over $500 worth of makeup. Initially, I was hesitant to pay the $100 ticket, but all the makeup I got in exchange was far worth the money.

Now to go figure out where the heck I'm going to put everything...

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