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How I Stay Organized

One thing I know how to do fairly well is to be organized. Between having multiple jobs, participating in sports, running this blog, and having some sort of social life, I know I need to use some organizing skills to keep my life as organized as possible.

From keeping a schedule to having important files kept in the right places, there are many methods I use to make sure I've got my ducks in a row.


Ever since elementary school, I've had an agenda of some kind. My school always provided me with an agenda all the way to university (seriously, you just have to find out the date your school is giving away agendas). Now I can't picture my life without an agenda or planner of some kind to keep track of events in my life. And although I do use digital calendars, I just love the feeling of writing stuff down.

My Happy Planner

Since technology has really taken over our daily lives, I have the same events I schedule in my physical agenda in my digital one. Since I am a fairly hardcore Apple user, everything is synced to my iCal. It's nice and simple in that if I add an event using any of my devices, the others are instantly synced, reminding me of any appointments or events I may have forgotten.

Finally, I also am sure to have a wall calendar in my room or office space. This way, I have another physical point of reference for my schedule, and it is convenient for my family to see where I am one night in case I forget to let them know where I've gone.

To Do Lists

These are something I have both a physical copy as well as a digital copy. There are times where I have a lot of stuff on the go, so like my planners, I need to do lists around to help organize my thoughts and ensure I get all my tasks done.

Digitally, I use the reminders app on my phone (again, this syncs to all my Apple devices), as well as a sticky note app on my computer desktop. With the desktop sticky note, I see it constantly. It reminds me of things due or what the breakdown of my credit card bills are.

The great thing about the desktop sticky note is that both Windows and Mac computers have that program. The same goes for a reminder list on your phones. All phones should have something similar built in, but if not, there's always an app for that.

The physical sticky notes are usually at my desk where I sit the most often. This ensures, just like the desktop notes, that I see them constantly and can remind myself of tasks even when my computer isn't on.

File Folders with Labels

As much as we are in a digitally-dependent age and society, there are still occasions where physical documents reign supreme. Important documents such as government papers, pay stubs, insurance items, etc. to be are best kept not only digitally, but physically too. I like having a physical copy to handle if I ever need to pull it out to check, instead of trying to locate it on my computer.

With having those documents comes properly filing them away. I bought this file box from Wal-Mart to keep those documents properly stored and filed away. I also make sure the labels are detailed enough so I can easily find what I am looking for.

What methods do you use to keep yourself organized?

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