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How to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22nd, and while I think we should be celebrating the earth and take care of it every day of the year, having a day to celebrate it really brings focus back on our planet. Some people out there may think that they have to do something major to commemorate Earth Day, but that's really not necessary. There are small things that we can integrate into our daily lives which will help Earth out in the long run.

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate our beautiful planet:

Properly Recycle

Honestly, this is something you should be doing all year long. However, take the time to really think about the items you have to dispose of and make sure they go in the proper bins. Here in Toronto, we have 3 bins: a green bin for organics, a blue bin for recycling, and a black bin for garbage. My family has gotten pretty good at following the bins and making sure we are putting everything in the proper place. It may seem like a simple and easy thing, but that is what taking care of the planet is, being conscious of what you are doing, even if that means something as small as organizing your garbage.

Plant some seeds for vegetables and flowers

This is what my students will be doing to celebrate Earth Day. We have a few garden plots on our school property as well as the nearby park. Not only is it a great way to encourage others to add more colour and greenery to the world, but it helping with butterflies and bees as their populations are struggling.

If you don't have a place to plant in a garden, consider somewhere in your home or even in a planters box. That way you are adding a bit of greenery to your space without needing such a big space.

Clean up a local park or beach, your neighbourhood, or a local school

Now that the winter is over, there is going to be a lot of litter on the ground. Littering is something that really grinds my gears especially as most public spaces have multiple places to throw out garbage. If you live near any parks, schools, or beaches like I do, take some time to clean up any garbage which has been dumped. Make sure to wear gloves and bring a bag to put the garbage into. It is also a great way to get friends involved. Any fellow teachers out there can maybe think about this as a trip for their students, more if they are older and you can take them out to clean garbage.

Turn off your lights and put down electronics

Take the time to save some energy and unplug. This may be easier said than done as we are in a time where our electronics, especially our phones, are always with us. Take the chance to unplug completely. Enjoy the time away from electronics. When it gets darker out, maybe put on a few candles to add some mood lighting rather than turning on all the lights in your home. Of course, there will be lights you need on, but consider leaving unnecessary ones off.

If it is nice enough out, go for a walk or bike ride

I'm hoping the weather here really improves by the 22nd so I can go out for a nice walk. Going for walks is a great way to really enjoy mother nature and it is such an easy way to do so. Encourage your loved ones to join you, make it a family or friends event.

Whatever you decide to do for Earth Day, see if you can keep habits in place for the entire year. Some of these ideas are so simple, but they can have such an impact on keeping our planet healthier.

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