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How to Survive Black Friday

Black Friday is coming up quickly (just over a week by the writing of this post) and with that day comes the unofficial/official launch of the Holiday season. While I have already seen many Christmas decorations in public streets, various stores, and even in people's homes, it doesn't really feel "official" until events like the Santa Claus Parade or Black Friday pass. While Black Friday doesn't seem to get nearly as insane on this side of the border (seriously, have you seen some of the videos?!), it still can get very busy.

There are some items that are definitely worth checking out on Black Friday that are well worth the deals:


More often than not, a lot of stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. will have really amazing deals on DVDs and Blu-rays. Ranging in price from $2-10, the movies will be significantly cheaper than on a normal day. It's something to consider as a possible gift idea or even to add to your own collection, especially with the colder weather coming, the movies could make for a great night in.

Accessories (jewelry, makeup, bags)

Two years ago, I was walking through my local mall after work and ventured into TopShop. Not really expecting to find any deals on clothing, I noticed that they had a large table set up for their makeup. It was 40% off the retail price, so naturally, I found a few great items that I still use. When I walked over to the cash, I passed by the jewelry which was 50% off the retail price. I picked up a necklace that is easily one of my favourite pieces in my entire collection. Because these items can be another amazing idea for gifts, stores like TopShop and American Eagle will more than likely have these kinds of deals to get the product out of the store. They could also be items from a previous season that they want to get rid of, and Black Friday just happened to come up. Still, it's a great time to get new stuff if you have the patience to go through everything and not get too discouraged if you come across broken pieces.

Black Friday can also be very exhausting and can try your patience, so there are a couple of tips I have to keep yourself sane:

Be Prepared to Wait and Walk

Whether you are waiting to find a parking spot or in line at a store, it's likely you'll be waiting at some point during your trip. I would definitely recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes as you know you'll be there a while and your feet will get tired at some points. You may also be walking a while from the parking lot if  you are not lucky enough to snag a spot close to an entrance. If you know your mall well enough to know where the usually unpopular parking areas are, I would highly suggest heading there right away. If many people don't know about the spot, you may luck out and get a close parking space there.

Check Sales Ahead

If you want to see whether or not it is worth it for you to head to Black Friday sales, it's a good idea to check ahead. If you are subscribed to a brand's email subscription, they will probably send you the deals ahead of time so you know what to expect. You can also check websites like redflagdeals.com which will produce their Black Friday flyers a few days before the big event. This will give you an idea of what you can find, or a way for you to stay within a budget.

Remember, it is just a Sale

People take Black Friday VERY seriously. I've never been able to fathom why that is, but I guess for people, saving a lot of money on electronic items and clothing is an exciting time. If people get really pushy, don't take it personally, they are really determined. That's why it is good not to take it too seriously. Stay safe, and take breaks if you are feeling tired or overwhelmed.

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