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How to Survive Summer Food Fests

Summer is officially here and with the warmer weather comes festivals of all kinds: food fests, parades, carnivals, etc. Theses can become exhausting and leave you feeling overwhelmed if you aren't properly prepared. Here are my best tips for surviving all those summer adventures.

Wear comfy shoes This is pretty self-explanatory, but you will have to walk - a lot - at these fests, so be sure to wear shoes that you know you'll be good in for a few hours. Depending on where the fest is being held, you may want to make sure your shoes are okay in mud/dirt. Even if it hasn't rained before the fest started, having a lot of people walking around one small area isn't good for grass and it will usually result in muddy areas.

Be prepared for crowds and lineups Depending on where the festival is, the crowd can be quite large. Living in a large city myself, I'm always conscious that regardless of what time of day I go to a fest or how long the fest lasts, chances are you will be waiting a while to buy food or get onto rides, or be searching for a table to eat at. Generally, my family will divide and conquer: some of us will stay in line to order, pay, and carry out the food, and the others will go look for tables and chairs for us to sit at.

Bring cash Most of these festivals only accept cash anyways, so it's best to go ahead and bring cash with you. Depending on where you are going, the amount will change. When I go to a Ribfest, we usually account for about $15-20 per person which means we usually bring about $100 with us. The fests usually have ATMs somewhere, but you'll usually be stuck with the service fee. I recommend stopping by your own bank on the way to avoid those fees.

Take transit Again, depending on where the fest is, you may want to consider taking transit to get there as parking will be difficult and often can cost you quite a lot. Taste of the Danforth, for example, is in the middle of Greektown here in Toronto and it's right by two subway stations. Parking down there can be expensive even when it's not the festival season, so I'm sure like other cities, the price of parking gets jacked up. Save you some money, time, and frustration by taking transit instead.

What are you favourite tips for festival season?

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