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How to Treat-Yo-Self on a Budget

We currently live in a society where "treat-yo-self" has become a standard way of life. Don't get me wrong, I love to treat myself to something special if I've had something amazing happen or, in contrast, had something terrible happen that makes me want to treat myself to feel better. The problem with doing this is often the cost. Credit card bills can go sky high, your treat turns out to be a bit of a disaster, and you start to feel terrible again, which may cause you to start the cycle all over again.

Now I'm not saying you have to stop treating yourself, but there are ways you can do it without breaking your budget. Here are a few suggestions:

Deal sites like Groupon or LivingSocial

Groupon and LivingSocial have been introducing me to new places for a long time. In fact, my family found our acupuncturist through a Groupon deal. These sites are a great way to save money on spa treatments or getting a hairstyle and/or cut. They also have a lot of deals on workout locations in a variety of styles. From boot camp to hot yoga, you are sure to find your new workout bliss.

Be careful though! If you have been to one of these places before, be sure to check the fine print of the deal. Many of them say that the deal is ONLY for new customers. There are others that say you must wait a certain amount of time before purchasing another deal. It is understandable, the business wants to make sure they aren't losing a ton of money by having one of these deals on a site. The primary goal is to drum up new business for themselves and hopefully find repeat customers.

Specialty schools need practice

Where do you think massage therapists, cosmetologists, etc. get all their training? Most of these school look for customers to come in and be treated by the students. It is the best way that the students get good at their profession. These treatments are often at a highly discounted rate versus going to a professional. An added bonus is the teachers, who are professionals in the industry, are around to help if the student requires any. I went to one massage school where the teacher came in and asked her student what kind of problem areas I had and how she was going to treat them. After the student replied, the teacher agreed and gave her additional suggestions to help my treatment go even further. It gave me an added sense of comfort knowing that I had a great student and that she had a great teacher who gave her those suggestions.

Check to see if you are part of a discount program

I mean companies like Perkopolis which often have special discounted rates for their members. Most of these members are part of an alumni group (like I was for Centennial College) or part of an association (like I am for the Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers [CAMT]). The best thing is to check with your alumni association or with your human resources department. If they haven't informed you already via mail or e-mail, they can definitely advise if you are part of one of these companies and are subject to receiving discounts.

Outlet Malls

I can't emphasize enough how much I love outlet malls. I own a bunch of Kate Spade bags and accessories and I have bought them all from an outlet mall. Anyone looking at my collection might think I spent thousands on Kate Spade items when in reality, I haven't paid anywhere close. There are a lot of times when stores like these will have massive sales in which either selected sections or the entire store can be between 50-80% off. A good way to stay in the know of these sales is to subscribe to their mailboxes. You will be the first to find out when there is a sale in-store or if they are having the same sale or better online.

How do you like to save while treating yourself?

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