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How ZeroSweat Helped Me Regain Confidence

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Since I was about 15 years old, I've dealt with excessive sweating under my arms. Initially, I thought it was just due to being in puberty. Now that I'm in my late 20's, I know that the real reason is a condition called hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis affects about 2-3% of the population (lucky me) and has caused me a lot of embarrassment as well as causing me to lean more towards a darker and neutral palette when it comes to my clothing. As much as I wanted to wear certain clothing, I was too embarrassed and worried I would ruin the clothing.

I've looked into surgical options such as Botox and laser surgery, but they are quite expensive (around $3000!). Since those were out of my price range, I decided to look up other options to help alleviate my issue. I stumbled upon a product called ZeroSweat. ZeroSweat has products for all types of excessive sweating as the founder, Tyler Conin, also suffers from the condition.

I decided to purchase the Antiperspirant Roll-On as that was what I really needed. Admittedly, I was skeptical. I've tried other products without any success. Right away, I had to wait a few days before I could apply the product as there needs to be hair under the arms to avoid any burning to the skin.

The day after I applied, I wore a tank top with a cardigan and didn't notice any significant sweating! There still was a little bit of sweat, but no where near what I had been experience on a daily basis. The next day, I had a very busy day at work so there was a bit of sweating under my arms, but still, nothing compared to if I hadn't applied the ZeroSweat.

The more I use it, the more I notice it working. I apply it once ever 7-10 days, and I am getting more careful about ensuring my underarms have more hair. There have been a few times where I've applied the product and have felt discomfort as there was burning under my arms.

In addition to the antiperspirant, ZeroSweat also has a lotion for hands, feed, and the body. While I haven't had a need to try this out, the reviews on the company's website suggest they work just as well as the roll-on does.

I highly recommend anyone who is suffering from this condition to try out the product. The company stands by what they've made and offer a 100% guarantee.

Eventually, I think I will go and get the laser surgery, but for now, I will continue to use the ZeroSweat as it is working so fabulously and has truly made a difference in my life.

Thank you ZeroSweat!

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