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Mother's Day DIY Craft

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mama’s around the world! This year, I decided to make my mom a personalized gift. And let's be honest, mom always loves homemade gifts.

I took inspiration from a Bethany Mota video where she made some decorations for fall for her room. I decided to make my mom something for the kitchen. My mom LOVES to cook, she’s a part-time chef and attends culinary school. She has always called herself Chez J, so that is where I got the inspiration for the phrase. I thought she would enjoy having a sign to put either in our kitchen at home, or one that she works at.

This was so easy to make, and here’s how you can make one whether it is a gift or for a decoration for yourself.


  • Wooden board (I found mine at Michael’s)

  • Two paint colours of your choice

  • Letter stickers

  • Paintbrushes

  • Tweezers

  • Newspaper


Lay down newspaper on your floor, and place the board on top. After selecting your base colour, paint it all across the board, doing your best to keep it off of the sides. Depending on the colour you are trying to achieve, you may have to do more than one coat.

After your base colour is dry, add your letters. The beauty of this project is you can really customize it to be a gift or decoration for your own home. 

Making sure the stickers are secured to the board, start to paint your top paint layer over the board, being careful of the stickers so they don’t come off. Again, you may need to paint a few layers.

Once you have reached your desired colour, leave the board to completely dry. Once it’s dried, carefully peel off the stickers using your tweezers.

And voila! You have a custom board that is perfect around the house or to give as a gift to a loved one.

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