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My Best Outlet Finds

Creating a closet that you can be proud of can feel like a large expense. You browse through someone’s Instagram account and become riddled with envy at the designer items set to a complementary filter. You may feel like in order to get that same look by buying the same items or something similar in a brand you like, but that can really add up.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t be slaying on a dime. Your new bestie when it comes to finding that drool-worthy closet is in the form of the Outlet Mall. Yes ladies and gents, Outlet Malls are an honest-to-goodness saviour for my style and my bank account. Many of the world’s incredible designers have stores at outlet malls, my personal favourite to check out is Kate Spade. I swear, every time I go to the outlet and pass by the Kate Spade store, they are always having a sale, regardless of what time of year it is.

I did some Christmas shopping a week or two before Christmas this year and was happy to find that 95% of all the stores already had their Boxing Day/Week sales on. So instead of lining up for hours to get 60% off on a brand, I found what I liked ahead of time.

Here are the best (and my absolute favourite) deals I got at an Outlet:


BCBG Top BCBG is a brand that I am new to, purchasing it anyways. I went to an all-girls high school in a very rich part of the city, so many of the girls in my graduating class had their prom dresses (because they didn’t just attend ours) from BCBG. I knew the brand was expensive, but I could understand why since their clothing pieces are beautiful and can make you feel like a million bucks.

I found this top in a very unusual place: The Canadian National Exhibition, or for my fellow Canucks, the CNE. The CNE is a large fair that runs the last two weeks of summer before labour day and the return of school. Besides having rides and games and the junkiest food imaginable (Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese anyone?), the CNE features shopping opportunities in many of their buildings. I hadn’t been in this particular building in a while clearly as I noticed the BCBG “store” as I walked out of where books were being sold. The deal in BCBG was dependent on the full price of the item: anything $89.99 and below was now $34.99, anything below $149.99 was now $39.99 and so on. I browsed and barely found anything larger than a small. I was optimistic but knew that more than likely, I’d walk out empty handed. I found this top and loved the design though I was initially hesitant because I thought it was going to be see through. To my pleasant surprise, it wasn’t and it fits like a dream. It’s a great dress-up shirt to have when I really want to wow. All for $35.

Aeropostale “Leather” Jacket This is my favourite “steal” from an outlet. I found this jacket when I ventured to an outlet just on the other side of the American border. I went into Aero to check out the sales they were having (there were a lot) and I ventured over to the Pretty Little Liars collection in the store.

I really like the collection they had, it was a great way to either identify with one of the Liars’ styles or mix-and-match. This jacket grabbed my attention right away, how could it not with the beautiful colour.

I checked out the price tag and my jaw almost fell to the floor. The jacket was originally $125 (ouch) but had been reduced at this store for $25! Amazing right? Oh, but it gets better. After trying it on, I knew it was mine. I got to the cash and realized that everything in the store was an additional 50% off. So I got the jacket for $12.50. Yup, 90% off from its original price. I can’t wait for it to be warmer weather so I can wear this gorgeous colour out.

Bags & Wallets

Coach I’ve had this amazing bag for five years already and it still looks brand new. Granted, I take very good care of my purses, but that’s beside the point. Normally, these bags cost anywhere between $100-$150, just for this little bag! I found it in a Coach store in an outlet in New York State. I truly don’t know which one as my parents and I had just driven eight hours from Vermont and I was just happy to get out of the car. It was very snowy so the mall was quite empty, which was nice.

Again, I was drawn to the colours of this bag and didn’t ever remember seeing it in any other of the traditional Coach bags in this style. The store was selling the bag for $70, but with an additional discount that you often get walking into Coach, I paid around $50 for it saving myself, at least, another $50. I still adore this bag and love using it in the summer when I go out for the day to run errands or go shopping. It’s light and small but still can fit a lot inside.

Kate Spade Okay, just a disclaimer here: I have found A LOT of bags and wallets from Kate Spade now because most of the time that I go there, they have a 40-60% off sale for the entire store. It’s a dangerous place to go to (for me anyways). One of the things I love about Kate Spade accessories is that they can be classic pieces and unique pieces. Whether you are looking for a bag for work or for a night out, Kate Spade will have something for you. The purchases I've made so far leave me wanting more and more. If you are looking for any type of new bag or wallet, etc., look for your closest outlet mall or outlet location of Kate Spade and you will not be disappointed!

I am certainly a huge fan of outlets, and I hope this post inspired you, dear reader, to not immediately dismiss outlet malls. They can hold some of the best treasures at the best prices.

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