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My Dried Hair vs. Lush's "Damaged" Masque

The summer seems to be the worst time of the year for my hair. Between going swimming, sweating a lot because of my condition and the ridiculous humidity we've been facing in the city, I've been taking a lot of showers and washing out my hair. Similar to last year, my hair feels dry and brittle and not, for a lack of a better word, pretty. At the end of last summer, after working at a camp where I went swimming everyday for 6 weeks, I went to Lush and bought the Damaged hair masque.

My hair before: super dried out (don't let the curls fool you!)

Admittedly, I used the product a few days after the "best used by" date. The original date was July 26, 2018 and I tried out the product on August 2, 2018. I'm not sure if not using it by its original date made any difference in how it treated my hair or how my hair felt, but I wanted to see what it could do for my hair.


The instructions are simple enough: boil water in a kettle and gradually add it to a heat-safe bowl with the stick of treatment. Gradually the product will melt and, according to the instructions, you are trying to turn the product into a thick paste. I followed the instructions as they were written, but found that it took much longer than 5 minutes (as was described in the instructions) for the product to fully dissolve in the water and become the paste that I was trying to achieve. Judging by the video on the product's page, I either used too large a container for the product to melt in, or it was old and couldn't dissolve the same way.


Putting this on was messy. I went into the bathroom to put it on my hair because I knew I was going to make a mess and get it all over. I have a lot of thick hair, so it took a few minutes to get the product to cover it all. By the time my whole head was covered, my sink was full of the product that had spilled out, as well as strands of my hair that I had inadvertently pulled out when I was putting it in my hair. I noticed that the product felt nice in my hair and made it feel a bit softer right off the bat. To help keep it contained, I put my hair in the messiest bun every and added a shower cap for good measure. After about 25 minutes (I fit in half an episode of Catfish), I went back to the bathroom and took a shower.

After the Rinse

After rinsing out the product and using shampoo (as was instructed) my hair did feel a bit softer. I noticed over time as it started to dry, I must have missed a few spots to rinse out, or I used a lot of product in one area of my hair as parts of my hair felt hard and almost crusty. Similar to the way hair feels when you have way too much hairspray in it. After combing it out, it felt far better and softer again.

Next Day

After waking up and brushing out my hair, I did notice a difference. It felt softer and more manageable. It didn't feel as dry as it has been the past few weeks and it seems to be more lively. Although, in the spot where it felt crusty yesterday, it felt almost borderline oily today. I suppose it is because I added more than I really needed to soften up my hair in those spots.

Revived hair!

Overall, I did like this masque, it is what my hair needed. Not sure if I will try it again as it took longer than I thought to become the consistency I thought I was looking for to apply it to my hair.

Does anyone else have a hair masque they like to use when their hair feels dried out?

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