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My Favourite Things from 2018 (and what I'm excited for in 2019)

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

2018 proved to be a year of highs and lows for all. One of the biggest highlights of my year was travelling to New Brunswick. It was the first time I travelled anywhere completely by myself and for something I wanted. I went for a blogging weekend and it was fabulous. There were a lot of things that I discovered this year and here are my favourites from 2018.

Books: The Crazy Rich Asians Series

Admittedly, I got into this series because it was coming out in theatres, but once I picked it up and began diving in, I could understand what everyone was so excited for. The story, the characters, the drama, at times it was so ridiculous but that made it comical and entertaining and was something I loved the entire series.

Accessory: Lululemon's Festival Bag

I am not exaggerating when I say that the day after I received this bag in the mail, I used it every. single. day. I had been wanting the bag for a while, but when I saw it in this stunning colour, I had to have it. It has been well worth the money. While it looks small, it packs a ton without being ridiculously heavy and unmanageable. It is the perfect bag for anyone looking for a day-to-day or crossbody bag.

Movies: Mary Poppins Returns, Crazy Rich Asians, Deadpool 2

All of these movies were extremely entertaining and great in their own rights.

Mary Poppins Returns was a splendid surprise on how entertaining and magical it was. As a fan of the original my whole life, I was unsure about how it would turn out, and thankfully, they did a wonderful job. It wasn't a remake, but a sequel of sorts. Emily Blunt was flawless as Mary Poppins and I enjoyed every minute of the film.

Crazy Rich Asians was something I naturally wanted to see because I read through the series and loved it (see above). The movie was just as extravagant and funny, I really thought it kept true to the book and really captured the crazy and rich style of the books.

Deadpool 2 was just hilarious, raunchy, and a great time.

TV Show I Binged, I mean, Watched: The Office

I know, I'm really behind on watching this show, but once I got into, I couldn't stop. It was almost better that I had access to the whole series at once because I didn't have to wait for new episodes to come out. Although initially, Michael bothered me, by the second season, I found him hilarious and ridiculous. There were a few characters I really didn't like (Ryan, Kelly, and Robert California mostly), but overall, I thought it was a fantastic cast and they worked so well together. Afterwards, I looked through Instagram and noticed that all the actors are good friends in real life and they hang out! I love it when casts are friends, it makes the relationships on the show more believable. If you haven't watched the show yet, I highly recommend you should.

Recipe I tried: Proper Italian Meringue Buttercream from How to Cake It

I was terrified to attempt this recipe. After years of making the traditional icing with icing sugar, I wanted to try the better buttercream made by professionals. For my parent's 35th wedding anniversary party, I made a chocolate cake, and covered it with Italian meringue buttercream. I got the recipe from How to Cake It which is a wonderful site and YouTube channel which shows you how to make spectacular cakes in a really comprehensive way. Yolanda is a fellow Canadian and she does a phenomenal job of explaining how to do all elements of fabulous cakes. Admittedly, I left the sugar a little long and there ended up being a slight caramel taste, but I just went with it and it was delicious.

Apps: hibooks aka the audiobook version of Netflix and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game

As you well know by now, I love books and I love Harry Potter. I was looking for an audiobook app that I could access whenever I wanted a specific book while I drive. I tried Audible, but didn't like that you had to not only pay a membership fee, but pay for EVERY book you wanted. hibooks only requires a monthly subscription, like Netflix does, and you have access to as many audiobooks as you want without having to pay additionally for each one. While you can access books through your library, I often found 90% of the time, the book I want to listen to was taken out and I couldn't access it for weeks at a time. At least with hibooks, the books are available instantly and any time.

The game I became obsessed with was Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. This game has been a lot of fun. Taking place in the years HP is a toddler, you get to create your own character, pick your house, and go on seven years worth of adventures. There are some things I wish were different like not running out of energy, but overall, I have a lot of fun and it is a good way to relax and ease my mind.

Here are the things I'm looking forward to in 2019

  • Beginning culinary school - I will be starting next Saturday towards a Culinary Arts Certificate. 12 weeks of learning how to cook various foods and getting creative. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see the highlights.

  • Making this blog more of a focus (and potentially into full time) - Writing this blog brings me a lot of joy, and I hope to continue building an audience and finding ways to make this my permanent job.

  • Getting back to activities I love (soccer, football, yoga) - I have missed being active and I really want to make this the year to make sure I get back to it.

  • Straightening my teeth with Smile Direct Club - While I have been told many times that I have a wonderful smile, I have always been bothered by my teeth being uneven and crooked. Thankfully with SDC, that problem will be solved. I cannot wait.

  • Spending time at my family's new cottage - My brother and mom have bought a cottage and my family cannot wait. While I'm the only one in the house who hasn't been yet, I can't wait for the warmer months to arrive and to spend time away from the city.

I hope 2019 is wonderful for all of you xo

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