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My Fitness Must-Haves

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

In honour of the warmer weather coming, I thought I would share the items I consider my fitness must-haves. Anyone who knows me well enough knows how active a person I am. Whether I am at the gym doing weight training or going for a swim, or playing a soccer or football game, I always make sure I get a good sweat in multiple times a week. When I do workout, there are items that I definitely need to have on-hand to really maximize my workout and make it that much more enjoyable.


There are really very few occasions when I don't have some type of music playing while I workout. Those are mostly when I have a football or soccer game or I am with P at the gym. Even those occasions, someone usually has music blasting on some speakers. Music just has that ability to get you excited about your workout and help keep you energized even when you aren't feeling like you can push through the whole way. I've even gone so far as to have a Workout Playlist on my phone and iPod so I know I have songs that are gonna help push me through each workout I do.

Comfortable Workout Clothing

Who wants to be uncomfortable in their clothing while they workout? Workouts are one of the few occasions that it is socially acceptable to be wearing sweats (hell, I do that even when I'm not at the gym). Obviously, depending on the workout you are doing, the clothing could vary. The clothing I wear for the gym vs. a soccer or football game would be totally different. I want to make sure that my girls are secured and that I can move freely without being uncomfortable. Once I have that figured out, I am good to go!


Water is just a life necessity anyways, but without it (or even Gatorade/Powerade), you can really fizzle out and get tired. Not only that, but without making sure you are hydrated before a workout (especially a cardio-intense one), you could get muscle cramps. I've had them before in my calves and it is so, so painful. I could only blame myself because if I had been properly hydrated, I would have been fine. Lesson learned. I try to drink as many bottles as possible during the day anyways, but I always make sure to leave the house with at least one just dedicated to my workouts. If I have a game or tournament, you better believe I will have a cooler behind me full of liquids.


When I go to the gym, I bring a little notebook so I can write down what exercises I completed that day. It comes from my high school days where that was mandatory as part of my gym classes where we got to go into the weight room. It keeps me focused and I can look back and see how I've improved and how strong I've become. I also like to use apps like MyFitnessPal and my Fitbit app to track my steps and food. These not only help me see how hard I'm working but keep me accountable with my food consumption and keep me from going too overboard.

Organized Gym Bag

I have these great little bags I purchased from Lululemon that keep my gym bag nice and organized. Sadly, Lulu does not sell them anymore, but they have saved my mind more than once. In the small bag, I put items like my headphones, lock, workout gloves, and headbands. In the mesh bag, I put my gym clothes (dirty and clean), and finally, in the large bag, I put my gym shoes. Once I know all those bags are in my larger gym bag, I know I only need to add a water bottle and notebook and I am good for my gym workout. If I am going swimming, I have a dedicated waterproof bag that holds my flip flops, swim cap, and goggles, thus, adding another layer of organizational bliss to my gym bag.

What are your fitness must-haves?

Thanks to Aaptiv for this post inspiration! Be sure to check out their website here for more details on their cool app.



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