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NYC Trip: Day 1

After driving through New York State, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, my dad and I arrived in the city around 2:30pm. We had to drive around for a half hour to find the parking lot recommended by our hotel. I didn’t realize there wasn’t a parking garage/parking included for the hotel.

After we settled in, we went for a walk. Our hotel is only about a 10-minute walk from Central Park. The last time I was in NYC was in 2006, and the day we went to visit the park, it was pouring so we didn’t end up walking through it.

The park was beautiful, we passed by water, baseball fields, and various tourist stops. What was amazing to me is that there are paved lane ways for runners, bikes, and walkers. It went around the entire park and I thought it was an incredible way to see the entire area. After the park, we continued walking through the streets, we passed by the Plaza Hotel, 5th Avenue, Columbus Circle, and the Lincoln Center (funny enough, on the night of the Met Gala).

We kept walking and my stomach was grumbling. By now, we had been walking for about two and a half hours. We stumbled upon a restaurant called “Chirping Chicken” and oh my were the portions large and the food delicious. I had the “small” Chicken Souvlaki plate and I thought it was huge. My dad got the “large” and it was about double the size.

We finished our walk (mostly to walk off all that food) and went to the gelato place down the street from our hotel. I got a single scoop that was overflowing. It was so so good.

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