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NYC Trip: Day 2

I woke up to a rainy Tuesday in NYC. For breakfast, my dad and I went to a small breakfast place across the street for a bagel and some OJ. We then walked to the subway down the street, each bought a re-loadable MetroCard and hopped on the 1 train. Our destination was the 9/11 Memorial. When I was last in NYC in ’06, the area was still fenced off and they were only just doing the base construction.

I felt like it was an especially fitting day to visit, as this was the sixth anniversary of my uncle’s sudden passing. We stopped by each of the tower pools and I was in awe of how beautiful they were. No pictures could do it justice. The pools are peaceful and the names of the victims of both the 9/11 attacks and the bombing in ’93 were engraved. Due to the overcast weather, we couldn’t see the top of the new World Trade Center building.

Next, we visited St. Paul’s church. The infamous church survived two of NYC’s biggest disasters. A fire in the late 1700’s which burned down most of Manhattan, and of course, the 9/11 attacks. People were astounded how there was no structural damage to the church or to the gravestones. It was just filled with dust and paper. After the attacks, the church became a resting place for rescue workers where doctors, massage therapists, counsellors, etc. were on-hand to provide any help the rescuers needed. I also lit two candles in the church: one for my uncle and one for all the victims of the 9/11 attacks.

We then found SoHo and Dean & Deluca where we got some macarons, my favourite treats. We then hopped on the subway again to Times Square. It was just as bright as ever, despite the overcast sky. My dad and I stopped for a lunch at the Brooklyn Diner and the food was amazing. I highly recommend stopping there for lunch sometime if you ever go to Times Square.

We ended our day by finding a Century 21 store and looking around. There were some insane prices, but we decided to save any shopping until we drive back through Pennsylvania (the state of no sales tax) and hit the outlet mall.

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