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NYC Trip: Food

It’s been a month since I was in NYC with my dad for a week. It is a city known for many things: tourist attractions, fashion, culture, and definitely food. During our week there, my dad and I stumbled upon some amazing restaurants and had a lot of good food. Here’s a recap of the places we loved and what we ate.

Chirping Chicken This was a place we stumbled upon after walking around for two hours. It was our first day and we had just walked through Central Park, 5th Avenue, and Broadway. We couldn’t figure out what we wanted to have, but my dad spotted this restaurant that was unassuming. As we were looking at the menu, an older man walked out of the restaurant and said, “The chicken is amazing.” I looked at my dad and he said, “If an older Jewish man is saying the chicken is good, then we have to eat here.” And in we went.

I was pretty hungry after our long day of traveling and then walking around. We both ordered the chicken souvlaki dinner – I got the small, my dad the large. We were astonished at how busy this place was. There were 10 people working behind the counter, and about every two minutes, a bike delivery guy was out the door. We got our food and I couldn’t believe how big both of our servings were.

The dinners were amazing; the chicken was moist, the pita toasted to perfection, and the salad just added that touch of veggies that you know is needed. Whether I get it delivered or walk to it again, I will definitely be getting some food from the Chirping Chicken the next time I’m in town.

The Brooklyn Diner Don’t let the name fool you, this diner is in the heart of Time’s Square. It seems to be a New York staple as it was fairly busy. The staff was very friendly and we sat right away.

My dad had been craving a pastrami sandwich since we’d arrived, but we had trouble finding a deli near us. Naturally, this diner had them so that is what he ordered. As I perused, my eyes fell on their burgers so I ordered one.

Again, we stumbled upon delicious food. It left us so full and satisfied, that we didn’t even have room to order some New York cheesecake, which was sitting right behind me.

The next time I’m in New York, I hope I stay closer to Time’s Square so if I get a sweet craving later at night, I can grab a slice of one of these cheesecakes and check another thing off my bucket list (Eat New York Cheesecake).

Two Boots Pizza – Upper West Side On our last night, we watched The Book of Mormon downtown, and once we were back at our hotel, we were starving. It was about 10pm and we needed something before we went back to our room to pack and prepare for an early start to head home the next day. As we looked around, there wasn’t much open, and we didn’t feel like having McDonald’s again. We saw this pizza place and ordered a large pepperoni. It took about 15 minutes until we were eating, but boy was it worth it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the pizza itself. I think my dad and I were so hungry, we ate the pizza as fast as possible, even if that meant burning ourselves.

New York has a great variety of food to try, whether it is food I’ve had back home that are elevated or new dishes that are exciting to try. I’m not sure the next time I’ll be back, but I can’t wait to find new places to dine and enjoy.

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