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Pairing Warby Parker's Concentric Collection

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

I have been wearing glasses since the fifth grade. I'm near-sighted so being able to see a board was always an important thing for my parents. Now I find myself completely dependent on my glasses and contacts. They have proven more than required, especially when it comes to playing sports or driving. While it would be simple to get laser eye surgery, I still love the idea of using glasses as an accessory.

Currently, my glasses are black-rimmed, but I'm always looking for new styles to incorporate into my closet.

Recently, Warby Parker has launched their new Concentric Collection of their beautiful glasses which include a mostly-clear frame with a splash of colour, and so I am going to share a pair (unintentional rhyme I swear... dang it...) with some outfit ideas.

Outfit #1: Inspiration Glasses = Chelsea 8595

I have always wanted a pair of glasses with a bright colour in them (pink, purple, etc.) while still maintaining a good level of professionalism at work or in my daily life. These beautiful Chelsea glasses give me the best of both worlds with the bright purple/pink in the glasses and the neutral colours in the arms.

For the outfit, I went with two choices: one for work, and one for your daily life:

Outfit #2: Inspiration Glasses = Durand 8563

When I saw these glasses, I immediately thought of a guy dressing for a casual Friday at work or going out with friends over the weekend. The blue is a great neutral that can pick up other neutrals or be matched with more blues. For the outfit, I decided on neutral colours and a simple t-shirt and pant combo.

Outfit #3: Inspiration Glasses = Laurel 8528

This last pair of glasses really spoke to me from a professional side. These are the ones I would most likely be wearing at work every day on those days I don't feel like wearing my contact lenses. These particular frames are a great neutral and can truly go with anything. That is why for my outfit, I decided to go with a dress with a great print leaving all the accessories (glasses included) in a neutral colour.

To see more of Warby Parker’s eyeglasses, be sure to visit their website here.

What are your thoughts on Warby Parker's new collection?

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