• Stefanie

Panera Bread's French Onion Soup

On Monday, I was feeling ill. I had a headache the entire day, I was exhausted from a busy weekend, and all I wanted to do was sleep. When I finished working for the day, I did just that. I passed out HARD for an hour and a half and felt far better than I did earlier.

When I woke up and regained consciousness, I was hungry, but not starving. I wanted some soup as it always makes me feel better when I’m sick. And instantly, I knew which soup I wanted: the French Onion soup from Panera Bread.

I only realized they had this soup a few months ago when I went out for dinner with a friend to Panera. French Onion has always been a favourite of mine and I know Panera food is delicious. The half size is perfect and fills you right up.

When my soup arrived at my table I was so happy and excited. There’s nothing better than craving something, getting it, and it tastes just as you expected. I was so happy for the rest of the evening and it only helped me feel even better.

So if you’re ever looking for something new to try at Panera, or want to try Panera, check out the French Onion Soup, you won’t be disappointed.

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