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Product Review: Saje's B-Gone and OFF's FamilyCare Botanicals Insect Protection Lotion

With cottage season finally here, I wanted to see how chemical-free bug repellants faired against my usual go-to Deet-filled repellant.

I am extremely prone to bug bites. Out of all the sprays and creams I have tried out in the past, only one seems to have worked properly and saved me. That product is the Muskol Bug Repellant Cream. Now this is a product that I love except that it contains Deet, as most bug products do.

I wanted to find and test a product or products with less or no chemicals in them, but still worked. Not only for the betterment of my skin, but just as an additional peace of mind. Now the challenge would be to find such a product.

For about a year, I’ve had the OFF FamilyCare Botanicals Insect Repellant Lotion sitting in my cabinet. I bought it at the end of the summer last year and haven’t had the chance to use it and test it. I thought it would be a good one to try.

One of the emails I am subscribed to is Saje's. The products I have purchased from them so far have seemed to work really well, and recently, I noticed they launched their own bug repellant spray called B-Gone just in time for the summer. Knowing I would be going up north soon, I went out to my local store and picked one up.

I decided that this past week while I was up at my cottage, I would put both products to the test to see how they did in the heart of bug country.

OFF FamilyCare Botanicals Insect Repellant Lotion

This product seemed to work really well. Similar to the Muskol, this product is a lotion that I found covered more of my skin for a longer period of time. I initially applied it in the morning before going outside and re-added it in the afternoon when I found that I was getting a few bites.

I liked that the product didn't really have any smell unlike most intense bug repellants. It wasn't an oily lotion, so I didn't have a lot of residue on my skin after application. I did find that I was getting bit, mostly around my ankles, but I'm not 100% sure if that was due to the cream itself or if it had faded or been washed away.

The price of the product wasn't terrible. When I checked online, it was being sold for around $13. I didn't have to use a lot of the product so there was a lot left over in the bottle even after a few days.


Saje's B-Gone Repellant Spray

This is a new product to Saje. After receiving the email announcing its release, I was curious to see it and get an idea of if it could work for me. When I went into the store, I spoke with a lovely associate who shared her experience with me. She had used it around a fire at home and assured me that she hadn't had any issues with being bitten. She let me smell the spray and I didn't mind the smell at all. Compared to most spray bug repellants, it was quite pleasant. She advised me that it could be sprayed on both skin and clothing which would be ideal in case I went out for a hike.

When it came to the use, I didn't find it very effective. I found that I was still getting bitten quite a lot. I'm not sure if maybe it is a product better suited for bugs within the city versus the more intense ones up north, but for me, it didn't work that great.

The price of it wasn't horrible, you can buy it for $15. After the week, I still had a bit of it left, so I plan to hold onto it and try it out again here at home to see if it will work with less bugs. Once I finish the bottle, I can't really see myself buying another one. Which is disappointing, I love Saje's products so its too bad this one didn't work out.


Overall, I think I can conclude from the weekend that in my life, the bug repellants that have worked best for me seem to be ones that are a lotion. I think because I know the product is going right into my skin, that there is a deeper concentration of whatever is making it a repellant directly on me rather than having half of it spray into the air.

Are there any more natural remedies that anyone else had tried? I'd love to hear about them!

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