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Products I Repeatedly Buy

Regardless of the category of product, if I find something that I love, I am not afraid to buy it over and over again. From sports bras to beauty products, there are some things that I just cannot get enough of. Here are the items that have me wanting to go back for more:

Lululemon's Energy Bra

This has become my go-to sports bra for yoga and the gym mostly. It keeps the girls in place without feeling like I can’t breathe. This bra is definitely one of the most popular ones for Lululemon, as they always have them in store or online, and you can find it in a variety of colours. My last count, I have five of them (although I thought I had more). This bra retails for $54 CDN, but you can usually find this bra in Lulu’s sale section. They put out multiple patterns of this bra at once, and usually, one or two can be found in the sale section for $39 CDN instead!

Lush's Ocean Salt Scrub

This has been a more recent find for me this year. I was looking for a new facial scrub and thought that Lush was my best option for something more natural. When the associate at Lush told me about Ocean Salt, I had to test it out. That’s a beautiful thing about Lush, they will test the product with you on your skin, showing you how to use it before you buy, that way, you know if you like it enough to buy or not. Instantly, I loved the smell, the texture, and the colour of the scrub. I always feel like my skin is softer and I’ve gotten rid of some not-so-nice stuff from my face. It comes in two sizes, but it really is worth it to get the larger size if you love the product ($21.95 for the travel size vs. $39.95 for the large). There are also two types of this product: self-preserving and preserving. The biggest difference is the preserving version must be kept in the refrigerator to avoid spoiling. The self-preserving one does not, and also contains more salt.

Lush's Cosmetic Lad

To go along with a facial scrub, I wanted to get a nice face cream to rehydrate my skin after using the scrub or after just being outside in the winter (it has been freakishly cold this winter). The amazing thing about this moisturizer is that you don’t need to use a whole lot when applying it to your face. It comes in a small container, but it lasts months because a small dollop on your finger is more than enough.

MAC's Select Cover-Up

I have been using this cover-up for years. I stumbled upon it accidentally and have been using it ever since. Like the Cosmetic Lad, you only need a small bit at a time. At first, I was thrown off by the price per cover-up bottle ($24 CDN), but this lasts me months (I think maybe even a year). Keep in mind though, that I don’t wear makeup every single day, so for those who do, it may not last as long, but it will definitely last you months to come.

Bobbi Brown's Concealer Stick

I have really come to love this type of foundation application, it is easy to apply and a lot less messy than using liquid-based foundations. I originally got this as a gift from my mom when she took me to get my makeup done. The artist was a Bobbi Brown artist, and this is one of the items my mom bought afterwards. Although it took me a while to start using it on a regular basis, I’m so glad she did. This is yet another product that lasts me months at a time because I don’t use it every day. The coverage is light, yet my face is completely covered as if I had layers of the foundation on.

What products do you buy over and over?

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