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Products I was Disappointed By

I'm always up for trying out new products. Whether those products are beauty- or craft-related, I enjoy getting to see what new products I'm going to love and keep buying more of. Most of the time when I try out a new product, I like it. On the rare occasion, I become obsessed with it and it turns into a daily favourite. However, as there are products that I love, there are sadly products which disappointed me.

These products are from companies which I love buying from. I usually have at least one item from that company which I adored, and that lead me to buy out others by that company. However, not every product is going to be a winner. I'm going to put it out there that just because I didn't like these specific product, does not mean I don't like that company. These are products from companies I love and will continue to try out and buy new products from.

MAC Lip Glosses

I received this set as a gift a few years ago. Even before I really started getting into makeup, I knew that I didn't like lipglosses. I find them very goopy and overly shiny. I'm more of a fan of matte lip colour. These lip glasses were a gift and after a lot of time of them sitting in my makeup drawer, I tried them out. The applicator brush was not my fave, I found it really hard to put the gloss on evenly. I felt too much like I was a pre-teen wearing lip stuff for the first time rather than the 20-something-year-old I was. From then, I left them in my drawer. Eventually, I gave them to my mom as she prefers glosses and has seemed to enjoy them.

Aveda Conditioners

I love Aveda. I hate to use this expression, but their Blue Oil gives me life. It actually helps to alleviate my symptoms when I have a terrible headache or am feeling nauseated. I know that their hair products are generally good, however, my mom and I each had a problem with conditioners we got. Personally, I found mine was just ineffective. I'm so used to conditioners leaving my hair silky and smooth. This conditioner left my hair feeling like I hadn't even washed it yet. I ended up having to use another conditioner immediately so my hair felt hydrated.

Happy Planner Icon Stamps

My planner is a life saver. I am a very organize-minded person, and I need planners to keep me on top of everything. I bought some of the stamps to help adorn the planner and organize lists. The stamps I got came in a set of six which where doubled up. I was sad to discover half of them barely worked. They were all the half which were attached to the bottom part of another stamp instead of having their own lid. This makes me think the seal around the bottom of those stamps was not as secured or protected as the lids were. I'm really sad these didn't work. I may just keep them and use a stamp pad so they actually worked as intended.

I'm hoping that these companies will make some adjustments to these products so that future customers will enjoy them as intended.

Are there any products you have been disappointed by?

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