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Review Series: Lululemon's 105F Singlet Tank

On Friday, I took a much needed Hot Yoga class. And when I say hot yoga, I mean it. I hadn’t gone to this particular studio in about a year and after Friday, I’m not quite sure why. The studio I had been going to was really not even hot yoga, it was warm at the most. In this studio I returned to, the studio was at 42C, so even in the stretching poses, I was SWEATING.

During this class, I was wearing my Lululemon 105F Singlet Tank. Dry, it was nice and loose, which I thought would be a good fit for hot yoga, and certainly better than LL’s Cool Racerback Tank which I find sticks to my body, even when just working out in room temperature.

Overall, the tank is very light and a good piece to be wearing during those very hot classes. Because the material was not very thick, I didn’t feel like an extra layer was sticking to my body; although after a good deal of sweat, it was sticking to me quite a bit.

The material of the shirt is quite soft, making it very comfy to wear in the studio or even at home when doing my own workouts. I would definitely recommend this tank to anyone who is looking for a new look for the studio.


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