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Review Series: Lululemon's Sweat Happens Liner Bags

We've all struggled with messy gym bags which are unorganized making it difficult to find our gear for a good sweat. A few months back, I went and purchased the Sweat Happens Liner Bags from Lululemon and I have not looked back on my purchase.

In the set you get three bags: one smaller bag and two larger bags.

In the smaller bag, I keep my lock, weight gloves, headband, and headphones.

One of the larger bags is mesh, perfect for your workout clothes before and after a good workout session.

The other large bag is perfect to keep your gym shoes in. I'm a size 9.5 in women's and my shoes slide perfectly into the bag, keeping them separated from my clothes and keeping the smell inside.

My gym bag was a mess before I got this bag set. Before, I would struggle to find my lock, my gloves, etc., but now it is a much quicker and easier process for me to get ready for the gym.



Like I've been saying, I really love this set of bags. The cost wasn't bad at all ($42 CAD for the set). You can find the bags currently in two different colours: Blush (which is what I have) or in Black.

Check out http://shop.lululemon.com/ to order the bags online (free shipping) or check out your local Lululemon store.

4.5/5 rating

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