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Review Series: Lululemon's The Mat

I purchased this mat back in November 2011 when I was really getting into my practice as I was doing an energy exchange for a hot yoga studio (I got free classes for 4 hours of work each week).

I had previously owned one of those mats that you can purchase for $13-17 at Winners or Marshalls, and I quickly discovered that they would not hold up, even after one class, it began to fall apart. At this point, I was also participating in LL’s free Sunday morning classes held at the Scarborough Town Centre and one day after a class, I ventured up to the store to take a look at their mats.

LL has a variety of Mats from The Mat 3mm ($58) to The (Big) Mat ($78 and more meant for males) and of course The Mat ($68) which is what I have.

I have to say I am really amazed at how well this mat has held up and how good it still looks even after 3.5 years. There is not one tear on the mat. I does have some scuff marks on it from the years of practice and dragging my toes during some poses, but other than that, you can hardly tell its age.

I would highly recommend this mat to anyone. It does take a few classes before the smell of the rubber goes away, but honestly, you don’t even notice it right away.


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