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Self Care Saturday: Free Ways to Self Care

With the Christmas season behind us, I know many of us are feeling the season just looking at our bills. We often want (and need) to take a break from spending a lot of money and find some ways to feel relaxed and peaceful without spending a dime.

Sleep in and Relax in Bed

Sometimes, all you need is a nice time relaxing in bed. On days I can, I take my time waking up, cuddling in bed with my sheets, and enjoy my time. Sometimes I read a book, or just look out of my window. I try my best to not look at my devices right away. I like to take the time to myself before I dive into the world of social media and smartphones.

Go for a Walk

I love going for walks; they are not only a great way to exercise and get outdoors, but they provide a great opportunity to enjoy time to yourself and take in the fresh air. It is simple but effective.

Clean and/or Organize

I'm sure I'm one of a handful of people who finds relaxation in cleaning and organizing. I don't know what it is about cleaning that I find so relaxing, but I'm sure it has to do with things being clean and back in their place. I also love looking around and seeing a clean room or area. I feel less stressed when I've finished cleaning and often, I find I get a good sweat when I clean. Cleaning can be anything from actual dusting or sweeping, organizing your bathroom and beauty products, to going through parts of your closet and setting aside things you may no longer want for donation. You can also clean out your fridge and see what you have inside which could also help you meal plan for the week ahead.

Watch a Movie or Read a Book

Being entertained is a great way to relax your mind and spirit. If you know there are movies which you love watching over and over again, take the opportunity to do so. I've also always found peace in reading and I find that I can zone myself into a story and really enjoy it.

Make your own Body Scrub, Hair Mask, or Face Mask

Not to overly plug my own posts, but a great way to self care is to make your own beauty products. I've written some posts with some ideas on making your own face masks, hair masks, and body scrubs (be sure to check them out). For more ideas on making these types of products, you can also check Pinterest for inspiration.

How do you like to relax for free?

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