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Self Care Saturday: Mindfulness & Disconnection

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be long-standing series.

In these days of constant stimulation between computers, phones, tablets, TV, etc., we (myself included) need to find ways to decompress from the world.

For this weeks #selfcaresaturday, I am going to share a few ways to become more mindful without feeling ridiculous. I have seen trends online that don't scream mindfulness, so I've found ones that really make it easy.


We are all very stuck on our mobile devices, myself very much included, and we need to take more breaks! It can be very difficult for me as much of what I do with this blog is dependant on technology, but I find myself getting "sick" of it every once in a while and really needing to take a break. To help curb this, I'll curl up with a book, put on a candle, and just enjoy time. Other ways to enjoy time unplugged is going for walks, relaxing outside, knitting, etc.


I know there are a lot of people out there who think that meditation is a new age trend, but there is a reason it has been a staple over centuries. By meditating, whether using the help of a pre-recorded meditation message or just taking the time to recite your own mantras, gives us the opportunity to look within ourselves and allow our energy to be recognized. The great thing is you can get all members of your family involved if you wish. I read an article of a school who replaced their detention with meditation, and the results were drastic. This only showed that meditation can help anyone of any age. You just need to take the time to do it.

Get Outside

I love going outside and getting fresh air. At my job, I am outside nearly two hours a day with students going for a walk and having free play time. I know that even in that time, it helps me to de-stress and re-centre myself, especially if that morning was particularly difficult. Even when I am off from work, I try to get outside for a walk or even a bike ride. Depending on the day, I might put in my headphones to listen to either a podcast or an audiobook.


I'm sure I've mentioned once or twice (or 50 times) that I love reading. Reading is usually the first place I find myself going to when I need to exercise some self-care. I've always found solace in books and reading the adventures of other people. I turn my phone off or on silent, I get comfy in my bed, and instantly feel better.


I started practising yoga about seven years ago when I decided to go try hot yoga. I immediately fell in love with it. I was so used to playing sports like soccer and football (which I still love), but yoga was so different from those. It was individual, it was slower, and it was about listening to how my body felt and taking the time to stretch out every part. I still now look for new yoga studios or classes to try out so I can reach that little bit of bliss whenever I need it.

What are other ways that you practice self care?

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