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Self Care Saturday: The Best Apps for Meditation

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

In this ever stressful world, it is important to take time to yourself and really practice mindfulness. In my SCS post Mindfulness and Disconnection, I mentioned how powerful meditation can be.

I wanted to find meditation apps which can best help us to take a few minutes to ourselves. The funny thing about our phones is that while we are very attached to them, and they can often cause our stress, they also can house relaxation and meditation apps.

Here are the best apps for your phone or smart watch:

Breathe App on Apple Watch or Relax App on Fitbit

More of us are wearing smart watches. Whether for the fitness aspect or the connection to our phones, many of us (myself included) are walking with a smart watch. Thankfully, most of these have a built-in breathe app which causes you to focus on your breath through a guided breathing practice. You can determine how long based on your watch and how much time you have available. It is just one small convenience and opportunity for you to take time to yourself and rest.

Headspace (Free & Paid)

I tried out Headspace a few months ago and enjoyed it. The 'narrator,'Andy Puddicombe, is a meditation expert with a calming/soothing voice. One thing I enjoyed was the option of meditation lengths: 3 or 5 minutes. Often, I actually ended up falling asleep. This wasn't because I was bored, it was because I was so relaxed, and obviously tired, that I was able to truly unwind.

There are multiple categories in which to choose your reasons for meditation such as stress, sleep, and anxiety. Once you download the app, I recommend starting with the 10-day introductory sessions. If you really enjoy using Headspace, you can pay for a subscription and enjoy the sessions whenever you wish.

Your options are:

  • $12.99/month-to-month

  • $7.99/month with an annual subscription

  • $399 lifetime membership

Calm (Free & Paid)

The Calm app is a bit different in that it is not only a meditation guide, it also has music, sleep stories, and stretching videos. Something really cool for those who travel throughout the U.S., Calm has partnered with XpresSpa at all major U.S. airports. For all teachers, there is also a program you can find on their website for schools introducing mindfulness and getting children excited about meditation. I really applaud Calm, they are reaching such a broad audience by offering different kinds of practices. Like many apps, you can begin a free trial with Calm and choose if you want to opt in to the premium package for 12 months at $59.99.

What meditation apps do you use to help you meditate?

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