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Summer Office Style

I love summer. The warmer weather, the opportunity to wear cuter clothing, having lunch outside. For the most part, summer time is great. However, there are difficulties for clothing in the summer. Here in Toronto, the weather can get up to 30C (86F), and travelling to the office, whether by car, walking, biking, or taking public transit, can get uncomfortable. Add in the blasting A/C at most places, and you can go from hot to cold real fast.

And while I no longer work in a traditional office, I remember the struggles I had with the constantly changing temperatures. I would walk in sweating to work, then within an hour or so, was freezing at my desk. Make sure before you make any crucial decisions for your office outfit, to check your company's dress code. Some of these suggestions may not fit in with those guidelines, so best to check before planning what you're going to wear.

To help with the struggle, I have put together a few easy office outfit ideas to combat the temperature changes.

Outfit #1: Work dress

You truly can never go wrong with a nice dress for work. You will look professional as well as be able to feel cooler versus wearing pants. It's best to look for lightweight material dresses for the summer. Any heavy fabric will just be uncomfortable and not do well to cool you off.

Outfit #2: Capris with a nice top

Since most offices don't allow shorts for anyone, capris are a great way to go when you don't feel like wearing pants. Again, look for something that screams professional. Nothing over-the-top or obnoxious. There are a lot of capris made with light fabrics, so it's a really good way to go! Whether you go with a tank top or shirt with sleeves, make sure it's something you are comfortable in while also following your work's employee work attire policy.

Outfit #3: Skirt and a top

Skirts are another great option when you can't wear shorts to work. Be sure the matching top is a good fit to the type of skirt it is. You don't want to be drowning in your clothes! And this is a great time to mix up colours and patterns that nicely complement one another, as well as you. Again, make sure you are checking your work's attire policy for the length of the skirt, but most stores which sell clothing attire will have the length that perfectly fits.

Outfit #4: Pants/top

When all else fails, go with the standard top and pants. Feel free to add pops of colour in the top since most work pants are a neutral colour. I love wearing black dress pants with a bright shirt in the summer, it adds some energy to my soul while I am inside working on such beautiful summer days.

Additional tip!

Keep a sweater or cardigan at your desk. That way if the A/C is cranked and you are wearing some lighter fabrics, you can keep your body at a good temperature.

Thanks to Bonobos for this great post idea! If you're looking for a better-fitting, better-looking men's pant for yourself or a man in your life, be sure to check them out.

What are some of your go-to summer office outfits?

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