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Affordable DIY Teacher Gift: Thank You Apple Pot

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I've been sharing some nice, easy DIY projects that can become thank you gifts to your child's teacher(s) this year. These are projects that you and your kids can make together and customize for those wonderful educators.

Last up in this year's series, an adorable apple pot filled with treats.


  • 4-inch terra cotta plant pot with base ($5 total)

  • Red paint (dollar store)

  • Green felt ($0.86 at Michael's)

  • Pencils (10 pack for $2)

  • Treats for inside ($3 ish)

  • Hot glue gun and glue

What to do:

Paint your terra cotta pot red, this will be the bulk of your apple.

Taking your green felt, cut out the shape of a small leaf. You may have to play around with the sizing a few times to see what works for your project.

Break your pencil in half keeping the end of the eraser to the top of the base (I used a bread knife to cut the edges then snapped the pencil). Glue one leaf in the middle of your lid. Next, glue the pencil slightly on top of the leaf and in the middle of the pot. Finally, glue the second leaf to your pot lid.

Fill your apple with treats.

Optional: If you really want to customize the apple, write your child's teacher's name on the base. It's a really nice personal touch.

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