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Things I Don't Mind Splurging On

I love a good bargain; finding coupons, sale items, or buying something off of Facebook Marketplace or finding something in Value Village brings me such joy because I know I've save some money. (My two latest finds are a brand new pair of Lululemon crops for $25 and a BNWT Aritzia suit jacket for $50!) However, there are times in my life when I have taken the plunge and splurge on an item. The items I splurge on are generally items I need. Something that I will use in my daily life or will need in the future in an emergency. These are the items I will gladly pay that extra $$$ when necessary.

MacBook (Computer/Laptop)

My MacBook Pro with an awesome cover

I purchased my first laptop in 2007 right before I started grade 12. It was for me to use for that school year as well as into university. It was a cheaper computer, what I could afford at the time, and sadly, it showed its quality soon into the purchase. Although it lasted me 2 years, it was a struggle. For much of my life, I really wanted a Mac (I loved the colourful ones). The summer after my first year of university, I worked a lot and saved up. Eventually, I saved enough to buy my first MacBook. I held onto that computer until 2014 (6 years). At that point, I bought a new one (which is the computer I still use now), and gave my mom the original MacBook I bought. (It actually still works today, amazingly.) I am forever changed to using Mac computers. Knowing the longevity, I have no problem spending over $1200 for a MacBook whenever it comes time to replace this one.

Rain Boots & Winter Boots

My well-worn pairs of boots

I live in one of the most weather-diverse places there is. Since I spend a lot of time outside with work, and frankly, because I enjoy being outdoors, I needed to make sure my feet are warm and/or dry during the more turbulent times. I found out about brands such as Hunter and Ugg as most do: word-of-mouth and seeing what other women were wearing. I've always had winter and rain boots, but I never really thought they did the job. When I finally bought my Hunter rain boots and my Ugg winter boots, I was initially hesitant due to their prices, but I have discovered years later they have been far worth the price.


This isn't an ad or plug for AppleCare in any way, shape, or form, this is a genuine recommendation for the product. As mentioned earlier, I am a converted Apple user. Since the first MacBook I bought, I made sure to get AppleCare to go with each product. While the prices might seem a bit much, they have saved me even more in the long run. Funny enough, the only product I didn't have to use it on was the first MacBook, but nearly all the others I needed a fix in some way. The costs has heavily outweighed what it would have cost to fix the products had I not bought the extra care. If you have any Apple product, you need to do yourself a favour and buy AppleCare.

What are products you don't mind splurging a little extra money on?

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