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Travel Bucket List: Canada

To start off my Travel Bucket List series, I thought I should start with my own backyard: Canada. I live in the 2nd largest country by land size in the world and there is so much of it I have never seen. The places I wanted to see in Canada are mostly west of me, I have travelled to eastern Canada a few times and loved it each time. While there is a lot of this country I really want to travel to, these are the 3 top ones for me.

Vancouver, British Colombia

In another life, I would have moved to Vancouver nearly 5 years ago for school had I been accepted to a Master's program there. Since that didn't happen, I have always had a desire to visit. I've heard from many people who have visited or actually moved out there, that it is a beautiful city surrounded by beautiful parks, the Pacific ocean, and a short drive from stunning forests.

Image from Vancouver Tourism

Banff, Alberta

Banff has become a tourist spot due to the stunning mountains, lakes, and hiking. My brother went to Banff about a year ago and told me that I have to go, that I would be blown away by how stunning it is. It is a location I will definitely have my DSLR camera with me, but I think initially, I will be a bit stunned by how beautiful it really is. I can't wait to go.

Image from Banff Tourism

Atlantic Canada (again)

Ok, so I know this is supposed to be a list of places I haven't been before and want to go to, but there are still spots in the Atlantic provinces I haven't been to or have when I was much younger and want to see again. This past fall, I was in Moncton, New Brunswick for a weekend for a conference and didn't get a lot of time to explore before I had to catch my flight home. New Brunswick has a lot of beautiful natural sites, such as the Hopewell Rocks, which I did get to, but because it was fall, I didn't get to go down to the ocean floor and walk. I really would love to go in the summer so I can experience walking the ocean floor. This year, I am going to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the same conference and am planning to stay a few extra days so I can explore the city and see what beauty the city has.

Where in Canada would you like to visit or recommend I add to my list?

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