• Stefanie

Unique Small Storage and Organization

Whether you are traveling or looking for a way to store small leftover cooking items, finding storage that will not only keep your items stored away, will make them easy to find. Here are the two storage solutions I often use.

KT Tape Cases

KT Tape is a tape used by mostly athletes as a way to help recover from injuries while allowing them to still participate in those sports. As someone with terrible knees, I buy this tape quite often. The PRO version of the tape comes with a case to carry the tape and once it's emptied out, it seems like a waste to just toss out. So I decided to start using them as small storage cases, especially for when I'm traveling. The two things I use them for the most are chords/chargers and jewelery. It's just small enough that when I pack the cases, it won't take up much room, but at the same time roomy enough that I have my phone charger and chord packed which is easier to locate.

Mason Jars

Those who know me well will know how much I love mason jars. The variety of ways you can use them makes them an inexpensive investment that pays itself back over and over again. When it comes to storing various items, I store everything from craft items, to leftover cupcake tins, to popcorn kernels leftover from a bag. Mason jars come in so many sizes and varieties, that storage is only the tip of what you can do with them.


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