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Walnut Crusted Salmon

Salmon has become one of my favourite foods. I used to dislike it pretty passionatley until I discovered the Walnut Crusted Salmon recipe from Tone it Up. The variety of flavours and textures made this an instant favourite for me.

The TIU balsamic citrus dressing is a large portion and I save the rest and end up putting it on a salad or another serving of this recipe in the coming days. I think this is a great recipe for the summer and one you can make for multiple people if you are having guests over or if you just want to try something new with your family. Enjoy!

TIU Balsamic Citrus Dressing

Ingredients 1⁄2 cup balsamic vinegar 2 Tbs. olive oil 1⁄2 lemon, squeezed 1⁄2 lime, squeezed 1 tsp. sea salt Pinch ground black pepper

Directions Mix all ingredients together until smooth.

Walnut Crusted Salmon

Makes 1 serving

Ingredients 4 oz. salmon filet 1⁄4 cup walnuts, crushed 1 Tbs. flax meal 1 tsp. oregano 1 tsp. basil Pinch lemon pepper 1⁄2 Tbs. real maple syrup


1) Marinate salmon in TIU balsamic citrus dressing for 30 minutes before cooking. While salmon is marinating mix walnuts, flax, oregano, basil, and lemon pepper together.

2) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

3) Remove salmon from marinade. Brush top of filet with maple syrup. Sprinkle the mixture of dry ingredients on the maple coated salmon.

4) Place salmon on a baking sheet and cook for 15 minutes or until crisp on top.

5) Remove from oven and serve with your favorite green vegetable. I usually pair this with asparagus.

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