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Washi Tape DIYs

Today I’m sharing some easy and quick DIYs with washi tape that can take everyday items and turn them into unique pieces of your own.

Washi tape has wiggled its way into my heart as one of my must-have items to keep in my craft collection. It even has its own mason jar. I love washi tape for the fact of its versatility; regardless of a project you have or an item you want to spruce up, you can use washi tape to do it.

First off, you can find washi tape in a variety of places:

  1. Craft stores (Michael’s) – obvious, I know, but its the best place to find a variety of thicknesses, colours, patterns, etc. You can buy them in single or bundles of three, pricing starts at $2 depending on how many you are purchasing and the type.

  2. Big brand stores (Wal-Mart) – finding washi tape here is hit and miss, it depends on how well-stocked your big brand store is in their arts and crafts section.

  3. Dollar store (Dollarama, Dollar Tree) – like the big brand stores, finding tape here is hit and miss, but you can often find unique patterns and the tape is usually only $1-$1.50.

  4. HomeSense, Marshall’s, Winners – the TJX brand of stores often has an aisle or part of an aisle dedicated to notebooks, photo albums, stationary, etc. and this is where you can sometimes find washi tape. They are usually in bundles like you can find at craft stores, and when they are there, they are far less expensive.


Frames for pictures This is a really quick and easy way to spruce up pictures in your room or in any space that you want to quickly spruce up.

Unique chargers Most people seem to have the same chargers now, so a way to make yours stand out and feel unique is by using washi tape to personalize it.

Pens/Pencils Another great way to make everyday items stand out. I’ve done this with pencils and pens and it always is great to see how they turn out and having people ask where you got that great pencil from.

Bookmark This is one of my favourite things to make with washi tape. As a bookworm and DIYer, this combines what I love. The best thing is you can make these as unique as you want. You can make them short, tall, thin, thick, and use whatever combination of washi tape you want to. I highly recommend getting a thick cardstock to make one of these. It will really make a more sustainable bookmark.

You will need: washi tape, cardstock, a ruler, scissors or a craft knife of some kind. First take your ruler and measure out the thickness and length of your choice. Using a pencil, mark it up and then cut the bookmark out with your scissors or knife. Then, taking your washi tape, wrap it around the cardstock in the pattern of your choice.

For more detailed instructions on these DIYs, check out my YouTube video here.


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