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Wedding Guest Tips

In the month of April, I was fortunate enough to attend two weddings of dear friends of mine. One, a girlfriend of mine since I was 14, and the other, my closest friend during my days at the University of Waterloo. Since neither wedding had any of the same guest members except for P and I, I figured I could go with the same look, with some differences.

Hair, Makeup, and Dress

As this is the first batch of weddings for my friends, I really didn’t feel like I had anything appropriate. I spent a few trips to various malls in the hopes that I would stumble upon a nice dress that was also affordable. Luckily, I found a dress at Marshall’s. As prom is coming up in the next few months, places like Marshall’s and Winner’s/TJX have had their first shipments of prom-like dresses in the stores. After trying a few on, I found this beautiful navy dress.

I love this dress because of the skirt. The solid part hits at my knee, and then the beautiful mesh-like layer over-top helps it hit the floor. One thing I really love is this dress doesn’t have a zipper, it is purely stretch fabric. The struggle I have buying dresses is across the chest; the dress will fit everywhere else but won’t zip up.

My shoes I found the day before when I went hunting with my mom. The shoes are from BCBG and were on clearance (score!).

For my makeup, I used my everyday look as a base, and used my Urban Decay Naked palette to add some sparkle. I used the blush, the bronzer, the eyeliner, and the eyeshadow “Dive.”

For my hair, I styled it differently for each wedding. For the first wedding, I followed a video by Bethany Mota that showed a braided half-up do that curled the bottom of the hair. For the second wedding, I used my curling iron to give my hair beachy waves rather than structured curls. I did make sure that before I styled my hair, I straightened it so that in case my hair came out by the end of the night, at least my hair was going to be straight and not a frizzy mess.


Depending on your relationship with the couple, you can approach buying a gift in a variety of ways. The easiest of these is whether or not the couple has decided to opt in for a registry. If they have, it’s easy to contact them, get the store and number of their registry and go through the list. In terms of how much you spend, I think it depends on how close you are to the couple. For instance, my one friend who had a registry is someone I’ve been friends with since the first week of university. So I decided to buy the equivalent of my plate, as well as giving them a cash gift of equal value for P as my date.

If the couple decides not to have a registry, it’s okay to give them a cash gift. Generally – I don’t know if this is the European in me, but – I like to give the equivalent of what my and P’s plates are. My friend who did not have a registry is someone I’ve been good friends with since the first week of high school. I didn’t want to just give her and her new hubby money, so I bought them a cute little Paris tour book. I knew that is where they were going for their honeymoon so I thought it was a nice touch.

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