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My Gym Bag Essentials

As long as I can remember, I've been an active person. I come from a family of athletic people and have always been involved in sports in some capacity. In high school, part of my gym curriculum was our weight room in which we learned how to properly use gym equipment and how to properly go through a routine. Ever since, I've been going to a gym whether it was at my university, or at a club which I pay a monthly subscription to.

Whatever bag I end up using as my gym bag (I've been using this Lululemon one for years), there are essential items I have to have inside to help make my workout the best it can be.

Gym Shoes

I know there are a lot of people who like to wear their gym shoes outside and to the gym, but I like to keep mine in my bag in a separate shoe bag. Not only to make sure I have them, but also to avoid any possible smells they may cause. I always keep my shoes in my gym bag because I know I will need them and could otherwise forget them and not be able to workout.

Water Bottle

Lululemon Water Bottle

H20 is essential during physical activity. I always am sure to keep a bottle around so I can fill it up before and during my workout. I don't ever have to worry about trying to get to the fountain when I am deep in the workout zone. I love this squeezable one from Lululemon as it makes getting a quick drink nice and easy.

Headphones and Music

Speaking of staying in the zone, I have to be listening to music with my headphones while working out. The only time I don't have headphones and a music player is when I am working out with P since we are motivating each other and talking throughout. Music has always helped me stay focused while I am doing anything physical. When I started playing competitive soccer, I used to have to go for long distance runs to get my cardio level up. I always had a CD player (yes, dating myself) with me because otherwise, I would space out and my runs wouldn't be as good.


Pretty self-explanatory, but I always bring a lock to the gym (and sometimes to the yoga studio if they have lockers) so I can keep my belongings safe while I work out.

Workout Gloves

I got my first pair of gloves from my dad one Christmas. Until then, I hadn't used them for my weight lifting work, but now, I can't imagine going to the gym without them. As funny as it may sound, they really help me keep a good grip and avoid getting any blisters from the weights.

What items do you always have in your gym bag?

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