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What to do on a Rainy Day

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

One thing I enjoy about spring, summer, and autumn are nice, rainy days. They become especially enjoyable when it has been hot and humid for days and all he rain cools the temperature down.

Sometimes though, you find yourself feeling stuck during the rain, especially if it has been raining for a few days. I encountered a few of these days during the summer and found a few ways to entertain myself.

Board Games

I don't know why, but this activity seems so much more fun in the rain. I found myself playing a board game or two this summer while I was up north with my family. Something about being away from the city while it was raining just screamed board game! Some of my favourites are Pokemon Monopoly (or Pokomonopoly as I call it) and Clue (I have the Harry Potter edition).

Movie/TV Marathons

I always love having marathons whenever possible, but for me, the best times are during rainy days. Whether its movies or TV shows I have, or am watching something on Netflix or Amazon Prime, keeping entertained for a few hours really helps to forget about the rain. You can get comfy in your sweats and blanket, and just get lost in the stories.

Read a Book

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good book, but there's something even more pleasant about reading a book when its raining outside. I love to get comfy under my blankets and dive into my story.

Go to the Movies

If you're looking to get out of your house during a rainy day, I highly suggest heading to the movies. Most days, movies in a theatre start playing around 1pm or so. Depending on the day, the frequency of movies playing will increase. Movies will help you pass the time, you'll feel entertained, and possibly wait out the rain.

Go to the Gym

If you feel restless during your rainy day, head to a gym if you have access to one. These are days when you can workout, take your time, and really enjoy working out your body. It's a nice way to make yourself feel good if the rain is making you feel restless or drained. Your energy becomes better focused, and you'll return home refreshed.

What are some ways you like to enjoy rainy days?

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