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What to do with Unwanted Clothing

The warmer weather is coming around (finally!), and if you're like me, you want to bring your spring and summer clothing back into the light, as well as get your fall and winter gear tucked away. It is a good time to look through all clothing, accessories, and shoes involved, and see what you haven't worn in a while, or is out of style, is worn out, or no longer fits.

The question becomes, what to do with the clothing that is still in great shape that would in reality, be such a shame to throw into the garbage?

Luckily, there are a variety of options for you that will leave your conscious feeling clear and your heart happy.

Donate them

This is the most common thing to do. There are a few places you can look into donating your unwanted items to. The most common places are Goodwill or Value Village. These stores will resell your clothing, often with a portion of the profits going to a charity they back.

If you want to see your clothing going directly to people who may need them, consider donating your clothing to a shelter. There are shelters for individuals of all ages. I worked at a shelter for individuals between 16 and 24 years of age, and I saw them directly benefit from all types of donations.

An added bonus is that many of these places will give you a tax receipt as a thank you for your donation if you would like one.

Sell them

Similar to donating, there are a variety of ways you can sell your unwanted stuff. The old school method is having a garage sale. If you can't find a time to do that, you can always sell online.

As with everything it seems, there are apps for this. There are a variety of them such as Kijiji, Craigslist, letgo, and many others. Be sure to include photos (even some with you in the item so a prospective buyer can see how it fits) as well as mention the condition of the item and its size.

Bring them to a store for recycling

There are some retailers who have clothing recycling programs. H&M will accept garments and textiles of any brand and in any condition. This is under their H&M Conscious program. As an added incentive or bonus, you will receive $5 off your next purchase for donating. To find your local store, head to their website.

Nike has a program specifically for athletic shoes. Nike Reuse-a-shoe "collects old, worn-out athletic shoes and transforms them into Nike Grind, a material used to create courts, tracks, fields and playgrounds." They do have to be athletic shoes as the material in those types of shoes is crucial to make the Nike Grind material.

What do you do with unwanted items?

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