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Why I LOVE the Lole Subscription Box

Everywhere you look on social media, regardless of what kind of accounts you're following, chances are you've seen a post about a subscription box of some kind.

I've debated ordering one of them myself. However, most of them are based internationally and living in Canada, I was always turned off by the currency exchange, duties, and mostly, the shipping cost.

However, one of my favourite brands, Lole, announced they would be releasing their own subscription box. As this company was founded and still resides in Montreal, Quebec, this subscription box is currently only available in Canada. Each box contains different pieces from Lole's line including clothing and accessories.

To sign up, head to www.lolelife.com. If you're in Canada, you'll see "Lole Box" written in yellow. After signing up, you'll answer questions based on your sizing, colour preferences, clothing preferences, and frequency of choice. You can get the box each month, every other month, or every 3 months. I chose the last option as financially, it made more sense for me.

Once your selections are complete, you'll start to receive boxes. Each box you are charged a $25 styling fee. Whatever items you end up purchasing will have this $25 credit put towards them. My boxes arrived pretty fast after the shipping date. Each box you receive seven items based on your preferences. Once received, you have 14 days to try on the items and send back anything you don't like.

Its good (and important) to note that the items you receive will be at full charge. Whatever you end up keeping you will be charged for. I have to always consider this when I get a box for budgetary reasons. My first box in July, I only ended up keeping one item, this beautiful long sleeve:

For this month's box, I ended up keeping this beautiful tank and pants which will do great for any exercise or daily wear:

Getting your box also allows you to update preferences. Another great thing about the service is after you send back the items, you are able to comment within you account on all the items in your box. You can check off the ones you didn't keep and explain why you didn't end up keeping them. Options include: too small/big, already had something similar, and didn't like the pattern.

Needless to say, I'm going to continue with this box as I love the brand and love the idea. I don't always have time to check out the store, so it's great to have these options sent to me.

What subscription boxes do you get?

psssst. Want to see what I got this month? I know you do. You can watch the whole video to see what goodies came in this month's box on my channel here.

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