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Yarn Bunnies

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love bunnies. Its gotten to the point where people send me bunny videos or pictures to my social media because they think I will love seeing it. They are 100% right.

So in looking for Easter crafts, I knew that I had to find something bunny-related. I saw these adorable pom pom bunnies and knew I had to make one for my very own.


  • Super soft yarn (I chose grey)

  • Pink and Grey felt (you can customize the grey felt depending on the colour of your bunny)

  • Pom pom for a tail

  • Beads for eyes and nose (you can customize the colour of these) OPTIONAL

  • Hot glue gun and glue

  • Scissors


First you make the pom poms. Cut two 6-inch length of yarn and set them aside. These will be used to tie the pom poms.

Take two fingers and wrap your yarn around them. Wrap at least 60-80 wraps. Slide the yarn off of your fingers, and lay it on top of one of the yarn pieces cut earlier.

Tie the piece around the wrapped yarn very tightly. Get as tight as possible and double knot it. Take your scissors and cut all the loops created by tying the wrapped yarn. It will look a little rough, but have no fear, you will get your bunny.

Start to carefully trim taking off the longest pieces first and shaping it into a round ball. You will be taking off a lot but you'll eventually end up with a cute, round pom pom. FYI, I was actually getting blisters on my hands from my scissors because I cut so much off! So if you feel like nothing is happening and you aren't seeing the pom pom, it will come!

Repeat these steps to make the body which is larger. Just make sure you wrap the yarn around four fingers this time instead of two.

Time to make the ears next. Cut two large ear shapes out of the grey felt and two smaller ones out of the pink felt. Use dots of hot glue at the top and bottom to attach the pink layer to the grey.

Place a strip of glue along the bottom of the whole ear. Pinch the sides together to create the ear shape.

Add a healthy amount of glue to the pinched bottom and attach it to the back of the smaller pom which will be the head.

Once the ears are attached, glue the small pom ball to the larger one to make the bunny shape.

Next, hot glue your pom pom to the back of the bunny giving it the tail. Once dried, enjoy displaying your adorable pom pom bunnies which you can customize to your heart's desire.

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