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Review of Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal Mask

I'm sure many of you out there have noticed the trend of the charcoal mask surfacing on social media. I've been aware of it for a while but didn't have any initial interest in trying it out. Oddly enough, I got inspired when P wanted to try it out for himself. He saw a few videos on Facebook and was intrigued. Working as a mechanic, his face is prone to get dirty and he was curious to see what gross things would peel off.

Off to Sephora we went and we learned that the product they were selling (Boscia Luminizing Black Mask) was sold out in most stores, but we could find it online. They were generous enough to give me a promo code to order it with free shipping. That was all well and good until I went online and discovered it retails for $45!

It was hard for me to justify spending that when I remembered that one of my favourite brands, Yes To, shared photos of their own charcoal mask on Instagram. I ended up finding one of the single-use masks at Marshall's for $2 (hello saver!) and bought it to try it out.

Upon opening the package, I discovered that it is the charcoal mask and not a mask that you just lay on top of your face. Something that surprised me was how much there was inside that little package. It is definitely deceiving. It was cool on my face and felt good as I applied it. It didn't smell like charcoal (although, I don't even know what charcoal smells like?!), it was nicely scented which made the experience even better.

After I applied the mask to my face, I relaxed for 10 minutes and allowed the mask to set. One thing I noticed as the time went on is how tight my face felt. Not in an overly constricting way, but in a gentle way that you could tell the mask was working beautifully.

It took considerable effort to wash it off of my face. I knew I had put a lot on there, but it was really on there. Once it was all off, I immediately noticed that the giant pimple that was on my forehead had been opened up to breathe. Totally made sense to me as the charcoal mask is designed to help with any acne issues (which happens occasionally to me).

Overall, I really enjoyed using this mask. My skin tightened a little, the pimples I had were opening up and have since gone down, and it was a great alternative to the pricey option (although I do still want to try it out). I would definitely recommend everyone trying out the Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal Mask, I promise you will not be disappointed!

p.s. if you want to see me applying the mask and see how it looks on, check out my YouTube video here!

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